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All furkids records such as past illness, surgeries, dental care, veterinarian care recommendation and special requirement are filed and updated regularly

Whether it is a pampering full grooming, simple bathing or trimming, we'll customise the most suitable grooming needs for your pet at your request. Our spacious, clean and well-equipped grooming salon promises to make your furkid feel comfortable and parasite-free. Professional Service.


We're cage-less!

In-house grooming operates daily from Tuesday to Saturday, except public holidays. Not only do we bathe away dirt, debris and odours from the dog's coat, but we trim, thin, brush and fluff it as well. We will diligently inspect your dog from the tip of its nose to the end of its wagging tail. Even though we are not vets, but we can sometimes help to point out things which require a vet's attention that a busy pet owner may sometimes overlook. We use only quality products that will leave your pet’s coat sparkling shiny, fresh and clean. If you prefer to bring along your own special products, we are happy to use them. Don’t forget, we groom cats and small animals as well!

Full grooming

Ears care
Nails trimmed and smoothed
Anal glands expressed
Pampering bath
Fluff dry
Full body brush out
Clipping of sanitary area & paw pads
Finishing cut
Scissoring and styling specific to your dog breed or custom design

Head to tail and top to toe service.
Done on a regular basis depending on breed.
* Extra charge for de-tangled/de-matting starting from $25

Basic grooming

Ears care
Nails trimmed and smoothed
Anal glands expressed
Pampering bath
Fluff dry
Full body brush out
Clipping of sanitary area & paw pads

For owners who like to have their pet groomed in between full grooming or short-coated pets (like Pug, Frenchie, Labrador etc) who do not need trimming and styling.


TypeBasic groomFull groom
Tiny dog$65 - $75$90 - $100
Small dog$75 - $100$100 - $140
Medium dog$100 - $140$140 - $190
Large dog $140 - $180$190 - $250
X-Large dog$180 - $230$250 - $350
Cat$90 - $150$160 - $200
Rabbit$80 - $95$100 - $150
Guinea pig$70 - $90$90 - $110

Prices are based on breed, size of dog, coat condition and style.


Transport (Optional)
$20 - 70 (single-trip)

Please contact us for a quote for first-time customer.

À la carte services

Organic Herbal treatment SPA$45 - $150
Deadsea Mud treatment SPA$45 - $150
Deep Re-moisturising treatment SPA$45 - $150
De-shedding 3 steps treatment (Result Guaranteed)$45 - $130
Bath + Ear cleaning$30 - $160
Trim Face only$30 - $60
Remove matted fur / Detangled fur$25 - $100
Nail filing$15 - $25
Nail clipping$15 - $25
Shave pawpad fur / Poodle Feet$15 - $25
Teeth brushing$15 - $20
Anal gland expression$25 - $35
Ear hair plucking$15 - $25
Ear cleaning$15 - $25
Medicated ear drop$10 - $13
Medicated Chlorhexidine bath$15 - $35
Co2 Grooming tab$12 - $36
Director's cut$30 - $50
Aggressive dog or Geriatric dog (Special Handling Care)$30 - $65

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