OktoLIVE! Channel: 21 Oct 2011

We're honored to be invited and broadcasted "live" on OkotLIVE! series under the segment "OK-TO-LEARN" together with special guest ex-MediaCorp artiste, Julian Hee and his beloved dog, Storm. This segment features on the DIY basic dog grooming care & responsibility of dog owners. It was definitely an exciting and rewarding shooting experience with the hosts and crews of Okto.

The Straits Times: 25 Feb 2013

Dog Haven interviewed by journalist, Cheryl Wee, on dog grooming course for all pet lovers.

"Dog Haven Grooming Salon, which offers one-on-one basic pet grooming classes, sees an average of about six participants in a year compared to just one to two in 2010.

Mr Zheng Shenlin, 33, a finance analyst, attended an $800 introductory course at Dog Haven Grooming Salon last year, but he still sends his 10-year-old maltese to be groomed once every three months.

He says: "It is not easy and I am not confident about trimming all my dog's fur, so I still send it to the professionals. I do a little bit at home like clean my dog's ears as and when needed."

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