Salon FAQ

Your concerns are our commitments

No, we don't. We use manual hand dry with love for every fur pet.
No, we don't. We are a cage-free grooming salon. We provide waiting area for all dogs before and after their grooming session.
This is probably the first question everyone asks. Dogs come in many different breeds, shapes, sizes and coat condition. To ensure we give you the best price, the cost of grooming your dog will depend on a few factors such as coat type, coat condition and the type of groom you are after. To get a quote on your dog's wash or groom, simply phone Dog Haven Grooming Salon or have a look at our price list on our "Salon" page.
We can quote an estimation grooming price guide over the phone. However, our prices are based by breed, size of dog, coat condition and type of groom you are after. Temperament of the dog and tangled-fur can increase the base price.
Grooming times differ for each pet. Depending on your pets coat and the type of groom requested, an appointment can take between 1 to 5 hours. For instance small short hair pets can be completed within an hour to where small dogs with long hair can take 3-4 hours depending on the cut desired and the pets cooperation and larger dogs could take considerable longer. When you schedule to have your pet groomed a time frame will be given to you based on your pet's specific needs. We always schedule more than enough time for each pet so that we have time to get acquainted with your pet and them to us. This also gives us time to give them frequent breaks and extra loving in between each process.
It is best to make a grooming appointment to ensure your pet is groomed on a day and time that best suits you.
If your puppy is 8 weeks or older and has completed the vaccination requirements it may be a good time to get your puppy used to a professional groom.
Yes. We ask that you not to speak to your pet during the process as we need their undivided attention. We will ask that you have a seat and watch quietly as the grooming process takes place. If your pet still responds to your being there, we may have to ask you to leave so we can continue safely.
For house-call fewer pets are groomed in a day so that each pet will receive the highest quality one on one care he/she deserves without distractions. House-call grooming caters to those who work full time and have a difficult time getting to the groomer's regularly or for those who are unable to make the trip at all. We come to your home with all equipment provided. We save you the petrol, time and wear & tear on YOUR car. We have your pet with no kenneling or distractions. It also benefits people… with pets that get carsick or overly excited in car rides. who have a hard time getting their dog in or out of the car (older, large, or arthritic) with no time to make regular stops at the groomers who has no transport
 who don't have time to juggle their day waiting for the call when their pet is ready with pets who are nervous in public situations, or are easily distracted
Yes! cats and small animals are welcome!
We are afraid NO, sorry. Only brushing and combing can prevent mats. There are a few products that can help you out while you are brushing and combing, but none will magically de-mat your dog. If your pet has minor matting, it is possible that it can be worked out. If your pet has excessive matting, unfortunately, no. Your pet will have to be shaved and start from scratch. Many people believe that this process does not hurt, but it does, more than you can imagine. It is inhumane to put that much stress and pain on your pet just for beauty’s sake. Their new fur will grows out fast before you realize it!

“Humanity above vanity” is the golden rule at Dog Haven Grooming Salon. We will always strongly recommend a “shave-down” for matted fur. The procedure of de-matting/de-tangled, breaking out mats with a brush is both painful and inhumane to the pet. Pets which undergo the process of breaking out mats quickly learn to associate pain and negativity with the grooming process. A severely matted pet may have to be shaved down or referred to a veterinarian. You might be asked to sign a release pet form, as mats often hide irritated and infected skin conditions caused by the skin’s prolonged exposure to dirt, moisture, mold and parasites trapped underneath the matted coat. If owner insist to request for de-matting/de-tangled services, we will do our best to make the process as pleasant as possible. If your furkid is not able to tolerate or too stressed, we will stop the de-tangled process for the comfort of the dog.   Badly matted (carpet mats) 2 (Picture of badly matted dog)
Quicking a nail is when a nail is trimmed to the point of making it bleed. Inside of a pet's nail are blood vessel and nerves. For dogs (or cats) with clear nails, the blood vessel is more easily seen and avoided. For dogs with black nails, the blood vessel is completely hidden from view and quicking can happen more easily. Quicking a nail is comparable to receiving a very minor paper cut. Some dogs react highly and some dogs don't react at all if their nail is quicked. Stopping the bleeding is easily done by applying a styptic powder or gel to the bleeding nail. Highly excitable dogs can cause their own nails to bleed by scratching their nails down to the blood vessel. Nail quick
Anal sacs or glands are two small internal glands that sit on either side of the dog's anus. Many dogs will secrete the sacs on their own when they defecate. Some dogs are not able to secrete them on their own and require someone to do it for them. Signs that your dog cannot secrete their glands are scooting on the floor, constant licking around their anus or a fishy smell from it rear area. Anal gland (Picture of anal gland)
Love your pet but hate the shed? Shedding is a major concern for many pet owners and although there is no way to completely stop shedding. With one or two treatments the FURminator has proven to reduce the shedding by up to 60-80%. The process is done after bathing your pet, a high velocity dryer to loosen dead undercoat and loosen hair. After the coat is dried a special de-shedding tool called FURminator is used to remove the undercoat to complete the process. This process needs to be completed every 2-3 weeks in order to be effective. It is a bonus for allergy sufferers too; as it reduces the pet hair, dander and airborne elements that cause these reactions.