Grooming Course FAQ

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Registration and Payment Methods

1. Click here to start registration.
2. You will receive an invoice within 2 working days to arrange for payment.
You will receive a confirmation email of your course start date within 2 working days.
Payment can be arranged via:
(a) Bank Transfer to : “Dog Have Pte Ltd” DBS Current Account: 015-903598-0
(b) PayNOW! UEN: 201310348N
(c) Claim SkillsFuture Credit: Please register the course first and use our invoice to claim the course from SkillsFutureSG.
1-full day from 930AM to 630PM. Training venue at 7 Jasmine Road Singapore 576581.
Course fee is $450 including use of grooming equipment and grooming notes for participants.
Our Basic dog grooming & Essential first aid (CRS-N-0051199) is SkillsFuture supported. Course fee subsidies funding is available for company sponsoring employees, or sole-proprietors/ self-employed individual pet care professional (Company's activities and trainee's job functions must be relevant to the course). Training grant is $15.84 per trainee. After subsidise the Nett fee per trainee is $434.16. Drop us an email for more information regarding Company's sponsored.
Individual may utilise SkillsFuture credit to claim for the course.
Due to extra administration work involved, there is an administration fee. To avoid paying for $20 administration fee. The correct procedure to claim SkillFuture Credit is:
1. Click here to start registration.
2. You will receive an invoice from us within 2 working days. Please use our invoice to arrange for payment/claim the course with SkillsFutureSG.
The booking of this course does not allow for cancellations. However, we are able to reschedule but not refund. If you wish to reschedule then this must be requested at least 8 working days prior to course date and may only be changed once. There is no exception due to operational costs incurred.

Basic Dog Grooming & Essential First Aid Course Benefits

Pet Care Professionals that would like to provide extra services - Basic dog grooming, to their clients. Pet Care Professionals like, Dog walker, Dog trainers, Dog Hydrotherapy Centre, Dog Daycare Centre, Dog boarding Centre and Animal Welfare Groups. Or any individual whom would like to acquire a basic dog grooming and essential first aid skill and knowledge.
You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.
The course consist of 2 modules. Module 1 - Basic dog grooming. Participant will learn basic skill set on dog grooming including: External anatomy of a dog, Understanding and Use of dog grooming tools, Handling and Restraining dog techniques during grooming, Anal glands expression, Brushing the fur, Bathing the dog (you could get wet!) and Drying techniques, Basic styling using trimmer to Shave Paw Pads and Under Carriage and Scissoring Tail and Rounding Paws). Module 2 - Essential first aid. Participant will learn to manage common first aid like, Nail clipping nick, Brush-burn, Seizure, Heat-stroke, Minor nick on skin and bandaging skill. Also, on Safety dog grooming rules and Zoonotic diseases.
No, you don't need to have any experience in dog grooming as this course is designed to equip you with basic dog grooming skills. However, some experience with dogs will be added advantage.

General Enquiries

To ensure the quality of the course, we keep our class size small of a maximum 6 participants.
Yes. We encourage participants to bring their own dogs for practice. Dog has to be in good health, friendly with humans and other dogs, allows others to touch/handle and maximum weight allowed is 19kg. Only 1 big dog per class.
No worries if you do not have your own dog and you may practice on other participant's dog.
Our course is designed for Pet Care Professionals like: Dog walkers, Pet sitters, Dog Hydrotherapy Centre, Dog Daycare Centre, Dog Boarding Centre and Animal Welfare Groups, that would like to provide extra services like Basic dog grooming for their clients. As well as individual learners who are thinking of a career switch and would like to have exposure on basic dog grooming and essential first aid. And also to groom your own dog at home.
Yes. Participants who are attending this course will not only be handling their own dogs, but will also have the opportunity to work on and handle dogs of other participants. This is to equip all learners, especially Pet Care Professionals having the chance to be exposed to handling different types of dogs.
The maximum Learner to Dog ratio is 2:1. To ensure the quality of the course that each learner has enough hands-on practice.
Please wear comfortable clothing as there are a fair bit of practical exercises (You could get wet when bathing the dog!) T-shirt, trousers, shorts or jeans are okay. You may want to bring extra set of clothes to change after class.
Our course focuses on equipping participants with a set of relevant dog grooming skillset which they can provide to their clients upon course completion as it emphasizes 80% on practical training. Most importantly, class is conducted in a fun and interactive environment which makes learning enjoyable and helps retain and commit the skills you've learnt to memory!