Intermediate course FAQ

Clipping and Scissoring your furkid queries


Registration and Payment Methods

1. Click here to start registration.
2. You will receive an invoice within 2 working days to arrange for payment.
You will receive a confirmation email of your course start date within 2 working days. Learner's notes will be distributed in class.
Payment can be arranged via:
Bank Transfer to : DBS Current Account: 015-903598-0
UEN: 201310348N “Dog Have Pte Ltd”
1-full day from 930AM to 630PM. Training venue at 7 Jasmine Road Singapore 576581.
Course fee is $490 including use of grooming equipment and grooming notes for participants.
Sorry, Clipping and Scissor your furkid (Intermediate) course is not supported by SkillsFuture Singapore.
The booking of this course does not allow for cancellations. However, we are able to reschedule but not refund. If you wish to reschedule then this must be requested at least 7 working days prior to course date. A non-refundable administration fee of $20 applies for every change request. There is no exception due to operational costs incurred.

Intermediate Course Benefits

The course consist of 2 modules.
Module 1 - Preparing the coat for clipping, Choosing the right length for your dog, Hazardous areas in clipping, Use of clipper and attachment combs, Clipping techniques, Handling technique during clipping, Clipping on legs, body and head, Clipper care and maintenance
Module 2 - Preparing the coat for scissoring, Hazardous area in scissoring, Use of scissor and thinning shear, Scissoring and thinning technique, Handling dog technique during scissoring, Scissoring on tail, paws, legs, body and head, Scissors care and maintenance
The course is designed for individual dog lovers to up-skill their dog grooming knowledge and skills on clipping and scissoring. To perform clipping on a dog to an overall equal length and scissoring the tail, paws, legs, body and head.
Participants will acquire a skillset to perform clipping on a dog to an overall equal length and finishing by using scissor to trim the head, body, legs, paws and tail. This is to upkeep and tidy your dog in a safe and simple methods.
You will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement.
Minimum age is 18. Participants below 18 year old will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian (Both are required to register and pay for full course).
To ensure participants are able to follow the course and acquire their learning in class, learners are assumed to possess the knowledge and skills on: basic dog grooming on coat care, nail clipping, brushing, de-tangling, de-shedding, use of grooming tools, anal glands, bathing and drying and basic first aid on grooming.

General Enquiries

To ensure the quality of the course, we keep our class size small of a maximum 5 participants.
Safety for the pets and humans is the top priority when we conduct the course. We strongly do not encourage dogs to mingle during class in case of dog fight accident.
Participants are required to bring their own dog to class for practical training, so the trainer is able to guide the proper technique to handle your dog during grooming.
No. Participants who are attending this course will only be handling their own dogs. They will not be able to handle the dogs of other participants.
Please wear comfortable clothing as there are a fair bit of practical exercises T-shirt, trousers, shorts or jeans are okay.
Our course emphasizes 80% on practical training to equip participants with a set of relevant dog grooming skillset on clipping and scissoring. Most importantly, class is conducted in a fun and interactive environment which makes learning enjoyable and helps retain what you have learnt to memory!
Your dog has to be 100% cleaned, dried and tangled-free.
Your dog will not get a bath during class as our focus is on clipping and scissoring. However, please ensure your dog is clean and well-brushed prior to class.
We are not able to work on coat that is damp/wet or tangled. The dog will feel uncomfortable during grooming due to pulling of fur and also grooming equipment are not able to cut through. Lastly, dirty coat will blunt grooming equipment.
The easiest way to tell if your dog has tangled fur is to use a comb to go through the coat, all the way down to the skin. If the comb cannot go through the fur that is the sign of tangled fur.
No. Detangled will not be covered as the focus of this course is on clipping and scissoring. Detangling is a basic skill that is taught in our Basic dog grooming & essential first aid class. To know more about detangled technique, proper usage of dog grooming tools and basic coat care, you can attend the 1-full day basic dog grooming & essential first aid course.
No, this course does not cover first aid. Participants are assumed to possess essential first aid. Nevertheless, you can attend the Basic dog grooming and Essential first aid course or 1-Full day Canine first responder course.
Lunch break is 1 hour.
You can lunch-in with your dog in class during lunch. Nearest place to get lunch is at Thomson Plaza.
Styling is an advance level. Usually it is taught in a Professional pet grooming course which the duration of the course is between 4 months to 12 months.
This is not a Professional pet grooming course.
Currently, we do not offer Professional dog grooming course.