Power of Clipper Vac®

Developed and patented in USA, 1985, the high-tech grooming equipment is here to share the good benefits with all furry friends. Dog Haven Grooming Salon is proud to be the 1st and only grooming salon in Singapore to bring in the Clipper Vac®.

Benefits for pets using Clipper Vac®

Clipper Vac® lifts the pet’s fur during clipping eliminating repetitive clipping, hence less time on the table for your furkid.

Less stress for your pet’s joints, aging bones or even young squirmy puppies.

Any possible parasites or skin problem (ticks, dandruff, skin flake) will be vacuumed up while clipping.

Removes hair and dander leaving the rest of the hair instantly cut.

Minimize clipper burn as it cools down the blade

It immediately vacuums the hair while clipping, creating a safe and clean work environment.

Table and floor is free of hair from clipping that might cause a dog to slip.


Note: Conventional clipping method will be used if your pet prefers it.