Dog grooming course supported by SkillsFuture

Basic dog grooming and Essential first aid (TGS-2020502883)


“Please DO NOT pay first” [Adminstration fee of $20 is chargeable if payment is made first and then claim for SkillsFuture due to extra admin work. Admin fee is not claimable on SkillsFuture]. Please scroll down to "How to Claim SkillsFuture credit" for correct claiming procedure.

Individual Eligibility

All Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit from the government to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses. Visit the SkillsFuture Credit website to choose from the courses available on the Training Exchange course directory.

Company Eligibility

For company sending their staff for the course, Skills Development Fund (SDF) is a training grant given by WDA to help companies defray their training costs. The SDF grant for non-WSQ courses is $2 per training hour.
Only company-sponsored Singaporeans and PRs are eligible for SDF funding. All SDF Funding applications must be submitted by the company's management representative for WDA's approval 30 days BEFORE course start date. For more information on SDF training grant, please visit SkillsConnect or call 6785 5785. Should you wish to use SDF training grant, please indicate accordingly during registration.



1) Register your course

Click here to register for the course. You will receive an invoice within 2 working days to arrange for payment.
* You should already have registered for the course before submitting a claim. SkillsFuture is open for a claim as early as 60 days before the course start date. But NOT after the course.

2) Submit your claim with our invoice (SkillsFuture Credit)

1. Go to, login with your SingPass ID/password.
2. On the “$ My SkillsFuture Credit” Page, click on ‘Submit a Claim’.
3. If this is your first time submitting a claim, you will be prompted to update the mandatory fields under ‘My Profile’.
To continue, click on ‘Proceed’. Select ‘Save My Profile’ at the bottom of the page to save your updated details.
4. You will be directed back to the ‘Submit a Claim’ page.
• Click “+Select A Course”
• Select the date in Course Start Date: example 12 June 2017
• Enter Course Title: Basic dog grooming and Essential first aid
• Enter Training Provider name ‘Dog Haven Pte Ltd’ and select ‘Search’
• Click on “TGS-2020502883 - Basic dog grooming and Essential first aid” and click on ‘Done’
5. Enter $450 for full claim <Fees Payable by You> and <Amount of Credit to Claim>.
6. UPLOAD SUPPORT DOCUMENTS. Upload the invoice.
7. “Tick” the box under DECLARATION and click “Submit”.
8. Once we receipt your approved claim from SkillsFuture, we will send you an email for Confirmation of the course + Details of the course.

About SkillsFuture

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